19 oktober 2013

DIY - Upcycle Laminate Dresser

We recently moved, and instead of using a small fortune on buying new dressers, I decided to upcycle two old Ikea Malm dressers we had in storage.
The Ikea malm dresser is made of laminate... I asked the man at the paint store, which primer I would need for laminate - he insisted it would ve impossible to paint, and that I would be waisting both my time and money... Which only got me more fired up, about wanting to make my dressers look fab, to prove this guy wrong!
Walt Disney said:"if you can dream it, you can do it", and sure enough, my laminate dressers look better than any store sold dresser I have ever seen! And it was simple and fast!
First I painted it with one coat of basic primer, and then two coats of paint. Voila!
I absolutely love the colour - and the end result!
Don't ever let people hold you back from succeeding!
...more great upcycles will follow soon!
Until then - May the force be with you.

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